nuru massage

Erotic massage has a centuries-old history, but always the attitude towards it was special, concerning the ideal relationship of a man and a woman nuru massage. Even many years ago it was an integral part of the sexual communication of partners, a means of rapprochement and mutual pleasure. The technique of oriental massage is diverse and unique, so lovers of aromatic oils — voluptuous Japanese do not get tired to invent all new programs, including for fans of quality erotic massage. Of the huge number of relaxation techniques, it is difficult to choose something special, because each of them is unique in its way, from exotic to calm and calming. Truly one of the most popular is NURU technology. Its peculiarity is that when performing this kind of massage a special colorless gel is used, which has no smell and taste. That’s why Nuru massage is also called soap. Oily gel has no contraindications to use, besides it is suitable for everyone who wants to plunge into unforgettable moments of tactile sensations. Erotic massage NURU is the guarantee of a healthy and strong body. He is the embodiment of secret fantasies, capable of awakening the vigor of the body, clearing thoughts and enlightening the mind nuru massage manhattan. Translated from Japanese, the word «nuru» means «smooth» and «slippery», and despite the fact that the roots of modern Japanese technology are in ancient Tibet, today the demand and popularity of this massage is growing not only in Asia and Europe, but And in Russia. Spa salons expand the spectrum of their capabilities in favor of providing these services. The technique of performing the massage is completely different from the traditional erotic massage. You just imagine in your imagination such a picture: a pretty slender massage therapist slowly and accurately applies a transparent gel to her body, evenly spreading it with palms and fingers. After that, the girl’s young skin becomes glossy, moist and soft as silk, so that the sensations during the massage will be even more pleasant. In addition, the complete absence of a smell of gel does not distract the client’s attention from a portion of bright sensations. Smooth sliding of the naked body of the girl on the body of the visitor can ignite the fuse and excite, give an inexpressible sensation and open all the corners of consciousness The powerful sexual energy of the masseuse, her professional approach can bring the client to the top of a dreamlike pleasure.